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7:00 AM
Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:00 AM
Chairman's Welcome & Opening Remarks

Timothy J. Meenan, Senior Partner, Meenan P.A.; General Counsel and Executive Director, SCIC (Service Contract Industry Council)

Creating an Innovation Culture
8:10 AM
Visioning, Chartering, Building, and Leading an "Innovation iTeam"

  • Petri dish format of many varied  experiments
  • Portfolio management approach of small-medium-larger risks/potential rewards
  • Concept of fail fast-often-cheaply
  • Types of people well-suited for being part of iTeam
  • Real life WWII example of Lockheed Martin’s “Skunkworks” iTeam

Kenneth J. Mac, Director, Chevrolet-Buick-GMC-Cadillac Protection, GM Customer Care & Aftersales

8:50 AM
State of the Extended Warranty & Service Contract Industry & New Market Sizing Data: Insights From

Eric Arnum, Editor, WARRANTY WEEK

9:30 AM
Networking Refreshment Break
Product Development Innovations: Achieving Success
9:50 AM
Beyond Devices: Leveraging Warranty Programs to Meet the Unique Needs of Commercial Customers

Top 3 Opportunities and Challenges:

  1. Understanding and meeting the needs of unique customer segments
  2. Channel Readiness: training and supporting a large distribution channel to sell and support your service plans
  3. Integrating warranty and service into the corporate culture

Becky Snyder, Senior Planner, Surface Commercial Warranty Offers, Microsoft

10:30 AM
How Warranties Can Increase Customer Loyalty and Reduce Churn When Cost Cutting Isn't an Option

Last September, Apple validated the need for device protection by offering payment plans bundled with its own extended warranties. While a direct jab at operators, this move showed that additional services are where operators and retailers can innovate to delight customers and outperform the competition. Tech support, insurance, buyback and trade-in programs all enable the coveted relationship between retailer and consumer to live past the point of sale and far into the customer life cycle dramatically increasing the lifetime value of customers.

The billions spent on accidental damage for mobile devices yearly isn't just dire for customers' wallets. When faced with the prospect of having to buy a new phone, customers reevaluate the value of their current service. However, it's important to remember that retailers and operators can keep their customers happy by offering value-add services that ultimately benefit everyone. Find out:

  • How value-added services like warranties can improve customer lifetime value (CLTV)
  • How to develop a warranty strategy
  • How to measure warranty performance
  • How to find the right warranty partner for your company

John Wheelan, Vice President Customer Experience, SquareTrade

11:10 AM
Participation Programs Demystified: Enhancing Your Value Proposition

Participation programs are widely used by administrators in the marketplace to enhance their value proposition to their customers. There are many different types of participation programs used today. In this session you will learn about the different types of participation offerings in the marketplace, structuring these programs, benefits and potential pitfalls.

We will discuss different types of direct pricing options, common retrospective structures, and different forms of reinsurance.

Offering participation programs can differentiate your product offering, enhance your value proposition to your clients and assist in retaining business. The goal of this session is to provide the audience a high level overview of participation programs so they are able to determine the best structure for their offering and have a better understanding of what occurs in the marketplace.

Brian Feldman, Executive Vice President, Spencer Re

11:50 AM
Networking Lunch
1:30 PM
Products for the Generations Effectively Addressing the Different Needs of Boomers, Gen X and Millennials

Traditional Extended Warranties and Service Contracts tend to attract certain demographics, who feel more comfortable paying a small recurring amount to guard against a big expense that won't surprise them. But not all demographics see the benefit in that. Younger demographics may be willing to pay more in order to receive ongoing maintenance on a household system, or may just be looking for the right contractor to perform a repair when they need it, or simply want 24 hour support/ advice. This session will address how to build and adapt products to serve these different demographics.

Claire Fennessey, Vice President, Product, HomeServe USA

Marketing & Channel Development: Discover New Market Niches through New Distribution Channels
2:10 PM
Networking Refreshment Break
2:30 PM
Channel Disruptions: Panel Debate

Aleem Lakhani, EVP, AmTrust North America, AMT Warranty

Steve Gusa, Sr. Director Channel Sales / Business Development for Protection Products, Sears Holdings Corporation
Angie Tuglus, Executive Vice President, Ally Financial Insurance Operations

3:10 PM
Delivering Customer Loyalty With Extended Warranties and Service Contracts Tracking the Human Touchpoints and Streamlining Operational Efficiency, and Digital Transactions Using e-Signature and
e-Delivery Laws

Scott McLaren, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Fortegra
Brian T. Casey, Esq. Partner, Co-Chair of Regulatory & Transactional Insurance Practice Group, Locke Lord LLP

3:50 PM
Case Study: ICON Health & Fitness Powers up Its Lead-Gen Program

Mobile registration has helped the fitness equipment manufacturer nearly quadrupled the customer product registration data it collects, allowing ICON to significantly ramp up its cross-sales revenue, as well. Join Nick Palmer, director of ICON subsidiary and fitness equipment warranty provider Universal Technical Services, as he walks through the journey from discovery, to pilot, to roll-out. He'll reveal such strategies as how ICON:

  • Uses mobile to simplify and improve the customer experience, as well as increase registrations and cross-sales
  • Integrates mobile registration with email and online registration activities
  • Selects data for lead scoring that predicts purchase propensity
  • Shifts from pilot to company-wide roll-out

Nick Palmer, Director, ICON Health and Fitness/UTS

4:30 PM
Networking Reception

8:00 AM
Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM
Chairman's Remarks

Timothy J. Meenan, Senior Partner, Meenan P.A.; General Counsel and Executive Director, SCIC (Service Contract Industry Council)

9:10 AM
Panel Discussion:Innovative Marketing & Sales Strategies (Social Media & More!)

Aleem Lakhani, EVP, AmTrust North America, AMT Warranty

Steve Gusa, Sr. Director Channel Sales / Business Development for Protection Products, Sears Holdings Corporation

Clayton Breazeale, Strategic Sales Manager, WEX Inc.
Julie Lohmeier, Managing Director, Marketing, Pivotal Home Solutions

Ensuring Legal & Regulatory Compliance
9:50 AM
Update on State Legislation Covering Service Contracts and New Developments at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Legislation affecting consumer goods, home, and automobile service contracts is moving or has been adopted in over 20 states this year. Learn what changes state legislatures are bringing to the service contract industry from the General Counsel of the Service Contract Industry Council and the Motor Vehicle Ancillary Products Association. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau continues to re-shape the automobile finance and consumer lending arena. Ancillary Products are being discussed at the CFPB. Learn the latest Federal issues affecting service contracts and other ancillary products. Is your company ready?

Timothy J. Meenan, Senior Partner, Meenan P.A.; General Counsel and Executive Director, SCIC (Service Contract Industry Council)

10:30 AM
Networking Refreshment Break
10:50 AM
Regulation of Service Contracts Covering Commercial Products

The extended warranty/service contract industry continues to expand at a rapid rate and into areas that may not have been contemplated by current regulations. Join us for an in depth discussion of the regulation of service contracts covering commercial products. Learn how current regulations address commercial products, the variance amongst states, where there may be gaps in those regulations and ways to move forward in this space.

Jesse D. Wilson, Managing Associate, Frost Brown Todd LLC

Identifying, Mining, Capturing and Harnessing the Power of Big Data
11:30 AM
Big Data Analytics & Warranty Management: A Deep Dive Into How Data and Technology are Impacting Our Industry

Big Data, Connected Car, Connected Home, Connected Living and the Internet of Things are no longer buzz words but a reality. Embedded devices generate massive amounts of real-time information which when effectively utilized can yield impressive results for the consumer and warranty stakeholders. We must embrace continuous change and redefine our roles and solutions. If we don't, non-traditional warranty players will consume our space.

This session will provide a deep dive into how data and technology are, and will, impact our industry. We will explore how the customer lifecycle, product lifecycle and warranty lifecycle interlayer in our digital era to transform our industry.

Big data is transforming the way we should design, deliver and manage warranties. Timely access to relevant and actionable information is creating incredible opportunities for stakeholders to make intelligent decisions that impacts the brand, product, services and user experience in the warranty lifecycle. This presentation explores how we can, and why we should, harness the power of data at every node in the warranty lifecycle to anticipate, plan and be able to deliver dynamic, user-centric solutions that concurrently manage the financial and operational integrity of the warranty program.

Aleem Lakhani, EVP, AmTrust North America, AMT Warranty

12:15 PM
Close of Main Conference

Exclusive Add-on Forum:

Service Support Innovations

1:15 PM
1:20 PM
Chairperson's Welcome

Trish Briscoe Myers, Senior Program Manager, EFG Companies

Customer Engagement

1:30 PM
Innovation in a Service Center Changing Customer Behaviors to Improve Loss Experience

This session will explore innovation in a service center. We will detail some case studies of agent initiated ideas as well as ways to showcase these results. You will also see how we are changing the way we use data to assist in the daily management of the center and to take targeted actions to change our customers' behaviors. All result in improvements to overall loss experience.

  • How harnessing healthy competition drives innovation, collaboration and an analytics culture.
  • Innovative ways to tell your story to get executive support.
  • Examining the claim lifecycle to identify and quantify previously missed leakage points.
  • New data techniques to predict performance trends.

Lisa R. Ray, Senior Director, Claims, Ally
Angie Tuglus, Executive Vice President, Ally Financial Insurance Operations
Kirsten Elsworth, Director of Analytics & Data Management, Ally Financial Insurance Operations

2:10 PM
Technology Tools and Strategies to Support Your Sales Team New Ways to Sell and Support Service Contracts

As an Administrator or Insurer are you investing in technology that supports your customers in selling and reporting the sales of Service Contracts? As consumers continue to shift to online purchasing, are you updating your systems to provide your products, pricing and eligibility in a format that allows your retailers to incorporate Private Label Programs, selling on mobile devices while supporting the multiple formats of electronic product distribution?

  • Support Marketing of Private Label Programs
  • Pricing Engine versus Price List
  • Electronic Distribution for Point of Sale and eRetailing
  • Sale Penetration Reporting

Mark Nagelvoort, President, PCMI

2:50 PM
Networking Refreshment Break
3:10 PM
#SocialMediaisCustomerExperience - How Social Media Can Transform the Customer Experience

Social media is a reality whether your company is proactively using it or not. What is social media? What do customers expect from it? How can you manage the conversation and positively engage your customers? These are questions you must be able to answer in today's always connected, often anonymous consumer market. In this discussion, we will explore the various types of social media, talk about customer's expectations as well as abuses of it, and discuss processes to manage the experience and build relationships with your customers.

Julie Lohmeier, Managing Director, Marketing, Pivotal Home Solutions

4:00 PM
Building Customer Experience into your Warranty and Service Delivery Strategy

Gain insights on measuring Customer Experience and how customer feedback, when injected into warranty and service delivery strategy, can increase retention and decrease cost. Experiences based on SERVICE 800 client programs will be shown to stimulate thought on the value and approach taken to incorporate customer perception into the design of the most successful warranty and service strategy.

  • Questions you should be asking before setting up a customer experience program
  • Best practices to keep the program healthy
  • Insights into why closing the loop with your customers is so vital

Jeff Schwendinger, Director, Product Management and Innovation, SERVICE 800

4:45 PM
Close of Conference for the Day

8:00 AM
Continental Breakfast
8:50 AM
Chairperson's Remarks

Trish Briscoe Myers, Senior Program Manager, EFG Companies

Customized Products, Pricing and Analytics

9:00 AM
Using "Retail Stats" to Maximize Your Bottom Line

Get a fresh approach to using "retail stats" to maximize your bottom line and find the balance between existing sales and innovative opportunities that can be measured by metrics like foot traffic, door swings, conversion, and more. We take a realistic look at analytics to help drive decisions that are based on data and not conventional wisdom. A home run for both you and your customers.

Kevin Cundiff, Vice President, Warranty Retail, Fortegra

9:40 AM
How Multi-Channel (Digital & Physical) Selling Has Created a Need for More Flexible and Customized Service Contracts

Retailers and manufacturers are making significant investments in knowing their customer and are developing their service and product offerings based upon their findings. As a result, there is pressure on the Service Contract industry to evolve and respond to constant product innovation and create more flexible and customized coverage that aligns with today's consumer behavior and preferences. This session will look at:

  • Beyond the Home Warranty
  • Connected Home
  • Building and Administering a program for retailers with a diverse product mix

Dawn Morris, President, Bankers Warranty Group and Bonded Builders Warranty Group Affiliates of Bankers Financial Corp.
Jocelyn Getson Vice President of Business Development Bankers Warranty Group

10:20 AM
Networking Refreshment Break
10:40 AM
Product Pricing Strategies: Managing Through Product Life Cycles and Changing Markets

Pricing is more than what is the cost and how much profit do we want make. Scalable operations, additional competitors in the market place, and the changing demographics of the customer base all effect the way and frequency that prices are set.

How we manage product pricing transforms the bottom line. In this session we will explore the different pricing methods and what is best to use during the different stages of the product life cycle, methods of pricing analysis and market placement.

  • Pricing Teams Who should set pricing?
  • Pricing Methods Which do we use and when?
  • Pricing Analysis Am I too high, too low, or has my target market changed?

Trish Briscoe Myers, Senior Program Manager, EFG Companies

11:20 AM
Opportunities for Growth Beyond Warranty

Only putting warranty business in a captive is like only having dessert for dinner. You are missing out on a lot.

This session will explore the many cost saving and profit generating opportunities that expanded utilization of a captive can bring:

  1. Profit center
  2. Product enhancement
  3. Source of third party risk

This session will look at how warranty can be written behind a front or possibly direct and some of the pitfalls to both approaches. We will also address the changes to the 831b election and the increased opportunity this has created but also the ownership restrictions imposed.

Gary Osborne, President, USA Risk Group

12:00 PM
Close of Forum

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